Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is very important to Abundant Foods and is largely embedded into the business strategy.  Whether it is by reducing our carbon footprint by limiting our deliveries to only 2x a week or using all recyclable materials to package our product, Abundant Foods aims at producing a sustainable environment.

Currently, Abundant Food’s only produces vegan and vegetarian products.  The link between increased greenhouse-gas emissions and the burning of fossil fuels is significantly increased through livestock and animal food production.  By not using or producing animal proteins and substituting it with plant protein such as beans, Abundant Foods’s helps contribute 1.5 fewer tons of CO2 or CO2 equivalents to the atmosphere yearly.*

*Eshel, Gidon and Pamela Martin.  “Study: Vegan Diets Healthier for Planet, People than Meat Diets.” The University of Chicago News Office. The University of Chicago, 13 Apr. 2006. Web.